Deborah Fay is a healer and teacher. She grounds over thirty years of spiritual explorations with an eclectic and diverse range of education and experience including studies and trainings with leaders within the Spiritualist, Buddhist, Celtic, Priestess, shamanic, mystic, earth-centered and herbwife traditions, all of which lend an inclusive and deep universal wisdom to her counseling, healing, teaching and mentoring style.

She has certifications in massage therapy, as Reiki Master Teacher, Shamanic Practitioner, Soul Collage Facilitator, is an intuitive medium, energy worker, writer, blogger/vlogger, womens’ and creativity circle guide, meditation teacher and mixed media artist. She hosts deborah fay Facebook group, a forum to explore and encourage our roles as culture shifters and pioneers of a new way of being .

The leaving of her son to college in 2016 initiated a mid-life reckoning and empty nest period of introspection and personal transition. Through this time of questioning came a clear vision to embody a multi-passionate purpose that marries her loves of providing healing sanctuary, employing green + regenerative living, promoting nature connection + earth stewardship and community that develops deep connection with the soul’s voice, to fulfill our truest potential.

In response to this calling in 2019 she has expanded and refined her practice to incorporate a host of spiritual tools and teachings for these transformational times.

Currently Deborah lives on a former horse farm in the suburban wilds north of Boston with her husband Steve. They’re surrounded by nearly seven acres of trails, crop land and paddock now let return to its own, and a colorful crew of neighbors including deer, raccoon, fox, coyote, snake, owl, hawk, turkey vulture and multitude of songbirds, squirrel, chipmunk, dragonfly and beloved bees. In the not too distant future she plans to return to life by the sea and pilgrimage regularly to her soul home, Ireland and other Celtic & Welsh lands over the pond to write, photograph + weave wild wanderings throughout her *grand finale* chapter of life.

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I met Deborah many years ago during a very hard time in my life. She gave me clarity that I didn’t have before my session with her. Sometimes you just need to connect with someone who has greater sight and insights than the normal person does, can receive answers that allude us or a reminder of who we are when we’ve forgotten because of trauma or life stresses. She has done all of that for me with empathy, love, non-judgement and acceptance of me as a person. She offers insight and answers that I haven’t been able to receive anywhere else. She has been a comfort for me when all else has failed. A session with her gives me comfort, hope, helps to ease my fears, release stress and helps to quiet the sometimes-overwhelming questions I have for what is going on in my life. It’s a sigh of relief and an uplifting of the spirit. I go away feeling stronger, more capable, supported, seen, heard, positive, more at peace, validated and accepted as a human being. Speaking with her is so much more than intuitive information. There is a deep healing that comes from a session with her.

It is hard to put into words the kind of healing she helps facilitate. She holds a higher vibration in her sessions for you to connect with your higher self and to receive clarity through the different modalities she uses for insight and healing. It gives me great comfort knowing she is in the world and that I have the privilege of talking to her. I feel blessed to know her and to receive her help in so many ways, from a listening empathetic, understanding ear & heart, to insights I’ve only been able to receive from her, to comfort and connection with a caring human being and with guardian angels, guides and so much more. After speaking with her I feel less alone in the world and more confident to deal with things in my life. This is why I continue to have sessions as often as I can. I am so incredibly grateful she makes herself available for the work that she does.

from C.S.

I first met Deborah Fay when she gave me an amazing, authentic intuitive reading as I was considering leaving my job and wanted more insight. I loved her energy from the start – warm, calm, and clearly connected to the higher spirits and guides! I began attending her wonderful intuitive circles, and began exploring my own intuitive skills further based on what I learned during these events. She attracts women who are connected and following their paths, and in community we can increase our confidence in our purpose.

Besides her wise woman skills and ability to create community for women to be themselves, she is so present and loving every time I see her that it makes me giddy to be spending time with her. I have always felt that her “spiritual downloads” are authentic, not forced, and given humbly to the recipient, allowing them to soak it in and discover their own interpretations as well in dialogue with Deb. She also has a great sense of humor, and that helps me to release tension and sink in deeper. I highly recommend Deb for anything she offers that resonates with you – you will not be disappointed.

from M.B.
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