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Guided by a common love for nature and earth we act as a global hive of pioneers joining in our collective genius to transform our planet, her peoples and creatures. As conscious culture shifters we look to the wisdom of nature + spirit to lead us.

We know each of us has the power to make a difference, each action, no matter how small can help return sanity to humanity, Developing deep connection with our soul’s voice, we can fulfill our soul/sole potential + do our unique part.

Co-creative partnerships with nature, plant spirit shamanism, permaculture, micro-farming, organic gardening, herbwifery, nature connection + therapy, green & regenerative living, earth and eco-based spirituality, magic, green witch + hedgewitchery, consciousness raising, mysticism, intuitive development & healing are a few of the paths we explore.

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The love, wisdom, personal happenings and helping hands people are willing to give others. You can feel the love through this page.


I LOVE this group!!!! Thank you xxxxx It had made me very happy at a frustrating and difficult time


I love people, who love trees. So happy to be part of this group

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