Mindfulness & Meditation Mentoring

“If every 8 year old in the world is taught meditation, we will eliminate violence from the world within one generation.”

~Dalai Lama

Here are the links for the Free series: Stay in Divine Know + Flow Guided Meditations to Center, Clear + Connect to Inner/Universal Wisdom + Clarity

3/18 Free Guided Meditation

3/25 Free Guided Meditation

4/1 Free Guided Meditation

4/8 Free Guided Meditation

You’re invited to consider making a donation towards the costs of compiling and sharing these teachings. Dana (Pali) is generous giving: supporting the cost of maintaining these materials sustains the teachings and makes them accessible to others.

Donation/Dana for Free Guided Meditation


Donation/Dana for Guided Meditation


Donation/Dana for Guided Meditation


Donation/Dana for Guided Meditation


Mindfulness and Meditation are life altering tools that enable us to live happier, more aware and healthier lives. Certain forms of meditation can offer us deeper connections with our body’s innate healing abilities, help us to manage difficult mental states, increase the gray matter responsible for our “happy thoughts”. They can bring us closer in touch with our spirituality and natural wisdom, develop our intuition, and expand our consciousness as well as open doorways to mystic experiences. Though all of the world’s classic religions include forms of meditation, the practices themselves are not religious and are incorporated into many of today’s mental health, rehab, hospital, educational and business environments and can be learned by anyone, practiced anywhere.

I began meditating when I moved to Encinitas, Ca. in 1986. I stumbled upon a breathtaking outdoor garden open to the public and cared for by the Self Realization Fellowship. The gardens were set on a cliff side that overlooked a popular surfer’s haunt, Swami’s, and were meticulously kept with plantings frequently changed to provide constant variety and beauty. I can’t imagine a better place to have begun my practice! In the beginning, I found learning and practicing frustrating and thought of giving up many times. My “monkey-mind” was so overpowering and used to being in charge. But with time and patience, I began to relax expectations and build my meditation muscles. I found practicing meditation life changing and wanted to share it with others. In the decades that followed, I have studied and taught many forms.

Mindfulness is a gateway to transformation. Meditation is a practice of liberation. Learn how to create your own practice to:

~Support the cultivation of your authentic self and voice in the world
~Empower yourself with tools to Embody Your Divinity
~Free the mind overcome negative mental loops, limiting beliefs, mental blocks, fears
~Bring compassion to your growing edges, suffering and to that of others
~Raise Resilience & Courage in times of uncertainty, loss, unexpected change, trauma
~Reconnect with Heart Wisdom and Joy through moment to moment awareness
~Reclaim Peace through Presence
~Make Friends with Your Shadow allowing all parts of yourself to be seen, heard, welcome and loved
~Deepen your relationship with your sacred interconnectedness with Oneness and All that is.
~Amplify Energy
 of awakening and (r)evolution by example 

Mindfulness and Meditation have been scientifically proven to increase greater well-being, and can improve our health in numerous ways:

~Reduce Stress

~Help Manage Anxiety

~Lengthen Attention Span

~May Help Relieve Addiction

~Helps Body Heal Faster After Injury/ Surgery

~Can Improve Sleep

~Can Help Control Pain

~Can Decrease Blood Pressure/ Heart Rate

~Enhance Self-Awareness

Currently, I am available to lead classes, workshops, professional development days, retreats, lectures with hands on demonstrations as well as small group and individual instruction in corporate, business, educational, hospital, complimentary health and private settings.

In person, phone, Zoom.

Mindfulness & Meditation Mentoring

Private 1:1 Instruction. Now $20 off regular $85 session pricing.


Mindfulness & Meditation Mentoring

6 week Series. 30 min. sessions. Now save $20 off regular $300 pricing.


Please contact Deborah for payment on groups at: deborahfay6@gmail.com.

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