2:2 Reiki + Reading Combo

Melissa Belliard and I have been collaborating for years. We’ve co-facilitated Luna Rhythms, a women’s moon circle and have done healing and intuitive work for each other. When we collaborate, we amplify the energy that comes through us and also heighten our intuitive receptivity. In these nurturing and grounded sessions, you will receive Reiki and intuitive messages from both Melissa and me. In this way you will have two times the input and synergistic energy to guide you and help you regain balance in whatever ways you may need.

2:2 Reiki + Reading Combo

Not included in Special Support program.


More about Melissa:
Empowerment, healing, transcendence. Meaningful connection, abundance. Deep, rich relationships. These qualities are at the core of Harmony Integrative Bodywork. My name is Melissa Belliard, and I am a witness to a person’s healing process, a facilitator and vessel for energy and intuition to travel to my client in a flow. Compassionate, non-judgmental – we each heal in our own way and own time, and although we may seek out others to help us, ultimately it is our choice, our path, our work to do.

I’ve been doing yoga and meditation for almost twenty years, and massage for over ten years. In my previous life I was an environmental scientist and also spent sixteen years in Human Resources.

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