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Monthly Healing Clinic donates 50% of profits

No matter how small, each of us can make a difference. Appreciating another’s soul/sole potential and adding financially to further it along is one way for me. I have just begun a Generosity practice. Through the end of 2020, I am donating 50% of my monthly Healing Clinic profits to a recipient that has inspired or made an impact and that I wish to support. Current donations will go to Colette O’Neill of Bealtaine Cottage, creator of Goddess Permaculture. Colette has brought me joy and wonder with all she has done to transform her Irish landscape and my viewpoint of what one person can do.

The sessions are a synthesis of elevated energies including those from nature, the angelic realm and Ascended Masters also known as the White Brotherhood. Additionally, your guides and teachers help direct re calibrating energy where needed. Channeled in “hollow bone” fashion, which means the flow of these frequencies move through Deborah Fay’s hands directly to the areas where lower frequency blockages within your energy field are stored (that may be held due to physical stresses, emotional challenges, unconscious mental patterns, past life, karmic or ancestral linkages) and can be transmuted.

 A safe space is provided for healing on all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Especially beneficial for lessening effects of depression, anxiety, emotional upsets, exhaustion, overwhelm, too much media or technological stimulation, loss of direction or interest in life or to self. This method also improves your personal connection with nature, in that you may receive your own messages and insights during a session. 

Discontinued until further notice..

Upcoming Healing Clinics:

Suggested Love offering $20/20 min.

Healing Clinic

Suggested Love offering per 20 minutes


By appointment only

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