Spiritual Counsel

In Spiritual Counsel and Integrative Healing sessions we partner with the wisdom of Spirit to align you with what is most needed at the time of your session. Connect with your inner wisdom, clarify your direction for current transitions and overall transformation. Other tools such as meditation, cards, aromatherapy, sound, breathwork, flower essences, astrology resources may be included. Karmic, ancestral, past life and shadow-self healing assist in reconnecting you to your truest self and the interconnectedness of all life.

Phone, Zoom or at the Little House.

$75 for 1/2 hour (minimum)
$125 for 45 minutes-1 hour

Spiritual Counsel – 30 minutes

For those experiencing financial hardship at this time and would like to discuss a sliding scale, please email.


Spiritual Counsel – 1 hour

For those experiencing financial hardship at this time and would like to discuss a sliding scale, please email.


Referral Thank You: For every 3 referrals that have a session w/Deborah Fay, you receive a free session of your choice.

The session brought tears to my eyes. Thank you so much. It is truly validation that I am living MY life. Not always easy. Much love and gratitude.

-xoxo Pamela

I can’t even read this…. crying after the first paragraph!!!!!! Right on the nose for me.

from L.L.

All you interpreted absolutely hit home for me. The info was so on target, it made me feel understood and OK to just be me.

Thank you so much. Your gifts are boundless and I am honored and soooo blessed to have you in my circle.

-Big hugs! D.M.

The techniques I’ve taken away from our session and continuing to dance with my fear has been more than fantastic. At this same time, I’ve started taking Kabbalah I, so I’m opening up to my true potential. Had to share. Amazing. Thank you!!!!

from S.T.

Thank you for your intuition and guidance which has been so helpful to me on my journey.

from M.W.

Hi Deb,

Thank you so much! The messages we received yesterday resonated so much with me and were so helpful. I plan on listening to your talk over and over this week.

Thank you!!!!

Dear Deb,

In the hubub and hectic nature of the holidays, I don’t think I took the time to thank you for your wonderful reading(s). I am so glad that you have found a place for you to touch more people, you are very gifted and inspirational. Thank you so much for your insight, wisdom and ability to channel such valuable information. I feel more hopeful and excited because of you! I will be in touch in for more wisdom!

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