Dear Woman! I’m happy you are here!

Know that you are one in a community of beautiful, creative, soul-directed women who are making getting back in touch with themselves a priority. Life as we know it has forever changed, and so must we. These can be exciting times of re-invention, for going with the new energies, flowing with life’s currents and crafting a life of our own making. As we move into this new world, are you feeling like you need to re-group, re-center, renew your energy, mental well-being, re-connect with your inner equilibrium? Are you overdue for some some slow soul time, time away from all the stresses, anxieties and chaos? Join me on The Wild Magic Way-a creative path back to your truth, purpose and wholeness. Take a journey of radical self- compassion and kindness, whilst exploring eco + mixed media arts, slow crafting, time in nature, mindfulness meditations and more. Get back in touch with yourself with deeply nourishing Integrative Healing or Spiritual Counsel. Let our handcrafted high vibe Sacred Mist Aromatherapy sprays elevate the atmosphere and clear your home, office, study, meditation room, studio, healing center, Reflect on the journey with me on the Ramblings of a Wild Magician blog, stay up on what’s happening in the studio, out roaming in nature, and in adventures near and far on Facebook and Instagram

Soul tend and be-friend yourself and other kindred spirits as author Sarah Samuel writes:

“Allow ourselves to be as we are in life, in our highs and lows, we can begin to trust in our soul to guide us, and as we do so, clarity for our purpose and passion unfolds.”

I’ve helped hundreds of soul-directed women like you! Here’s what they are saying.