2 / 1hr. Sessions Integrative Reading & Healing Package




Working with Spirit, your guides, ancestors and higher Self we cast a sacred, safe, heart space that is held with the deepest compassion and presence so that you may open to your greatest potential and purpose. This method also activates your intuitive channels with Spirit and you may receive your own messages and insights.


Sessions may also include meditation, oracle / tarot cards, essential oils, crystals, drum, rattle, chimes, Tibetan bowl sound healing, breathwork, astrology resources.


You have the option to sit in a chair or lay fully clothed on a treatment table for in person sessions.


Clients often remark about how peaceful and re-connected they feel after a session. You may purchase discounted bi-weekly or monthly tune up packages to preserve and clear your energy field and address any issues that arise ongoing or for deeper re-patterning/ releasement work.

Two 1 hour sessions.

$250/ save $30.

In person or Zoom.


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