The Story of the “Live” Wooly Sacred Heart Medallion

Making gifts is as true to me as breathing.  As natural and joyful as spying this year’s doe with her Bambi in the yard nibbling contentedly.  A big part of the best of me.  And so, when I had the opportunity to share a waterfront meal with two talented and accomplished artists, teachers and wonders who had lived through a life-threatening illness to network about ways I might offer a class or two to their community, I created that afternoon my very first wooly sacred heart medallions. It was a way to thank them and to acknowledge their triumph, spirit and grace.  I chose the skull as one of the most potent and eternal symbols of impermanence, one of our fragility and of life’s preciousness, not to be frittered away but respected, honored and savored. One that carries wisdom of the ages and the ancestors. A nod if you will (!) to life itself.

It was later that I designed a wooly sacred heart with the warding eye symbol for an upcoming show, and thought, “Maybe someone will need this.” Little did I know that within days, I would be diagnosed with a pituitary brain tumor that nearly left me blind.  Perhaps my subconscious was leaving a breadcrumb? The universe can have a wry sense of humor.

It has come to pass that both the symbol of the skull and the eye have become ones I hold sacred and now create the “Live” Wooly Sacred Heart Medallions as a talisman to live!!!!!

And so it is.

Blessings of all good things on you now and always.