welcome to the art of being alive

welcome to the art of being alive

The tapping of this keyboard,scribbling on a page,collaging a spread,pressing fingers into moist clay; nurturing the voice that has so much to say to you.

This is my very best self-care,my spellwork and wellness conjuring.Giving voice to the inner world offers a thread back to soul sanity,creative wonder,self-discovery & belonging in a brave,true way.

Showing up like this is an act of being alive in this world.

 -deborah fay

Deborah Fay D’Onofrio is a Shamanic practitioner, bodyworker, Reiki Master Teacher and mixed media artist. She’s led online and live women’s empowerment, tarot and intuitive development courses, full moon circles and shamanic journey and meditation groups. She co-hosted, Wild Magic Harmony, a podcast on the Divine Feminine and became a blogger, visual chronicler, and self-taught published mixed media artist with contributions in Beyond Scrapbooks and Crafter’s Devotional.  Her work has been displayed in private home collections, auctions, and in Boston’s MFA, Art in Bloom.

In the summer of 2021 she was diagnosed with a rare brain tumor that nearly blinded her. Fortunately, with immediate surgery she fully regained her vision, but the complete removal of the tumor was too risky, and at the time of this writing lives with approximately 40% of the tumor remaining. What unfolded has become a new life journey full of miracles, outrageous blessings and some of the hardest days of her life. Today, she lives a quiet life, writing about her experiences, making art and spending as much time as she can in nature and with family and friends. The Wild Magic Way supports you as you craft your story, as you walk your own healing journey.

 Stay tuned for upcoming offerings in the latter portion of 2023.

Join me for reflections on living our healing journeys with grace, joy and magic.