5 Months on Christmas: On Being the Miraculous

   5 Months on Christmas: Being the Miraculous     Hello Friends! We tend to think of this season as one of miracles. Whether as with Hanukkah and the miracle of enough oil to last a whole 8 days, the birth of a Son of God in the humblest of settings, or that of the returning Sun […]

4 Months Today: Something to Take With You

4 Months Today:Something Simple To Take With You      Hello Friends! That today marks the fourth month on my healing journey is poignant, it being the American’s day of giving thanks and celebrating what bounty we have. I debated about whether to wait for another day to post, what with all the overkill on […]

Letting Go of the Person I Used To Be:

3 Months in + A Wabi Sabi Future Letting Go of the Person I Used to Be:3 Months in + A Wabi Sabi Future     Hello Friends, “We hate the idea of loss because we know what loss represents:Loss=pain. Loss=suffering. Loss=unhappiness. We cry because of our losses; we despair and become depressed because of our losses; we lose […]

One Month Reflection: And The Why and What of an Illness

Hello Friends, Wow, Deb – an adventure, a pause, a blessing- we are so glad with the outcome.-Kim, a friend’s Facebook message An Adventure I’ve been a why kid from the start.  Relentless in the quest to understand the world around me (and then later as I matured, the one within) I have an appetite […]

Outrageously Blessed/My Brain Tumor Surgery Story

Hello Friends, Life is what happens when you’re making other plans.-John Lennon My plan here was to pick up where we left off after Part I of my nature and spirit encounter. (If you missed it you can catch up here.) I was going to tell you about how after I left the woodland, crossed the […]

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