5 Months on Christmas: On Being the Miraculous

5 Months on Christmas:
 Being the Miraculous

    Hello Friends!

We tend to think of this season as one of miracles. Whether as with Hanukkah and the miracle of enough oil to last a whole 8 days, the birth of a Son of God in the humblest of settings, or that of the returning Sun promised on the darkest night.

I’ve also been reminded that we our selves are miraculous, that we, for the most part, have been talked out of knowing ourselves as miracles by nature. I’ve sunk down into my roots of wholism and continue to practice from this place with the naturopathic protocol and a particular meditation program, plus a wonderful prayer practice- the rosary, as I’ve learned through The Way of the Rose.  I’m settling into the truth that all things are possible and that we have within us miraculous potential. The fear agenda isn’t one I will fall prey to- I’m making changes here on the medical side to support myself even more fully.

I feel well and blessed. I am in awe of what’s materialized so far, and so much more is taking shape for the days ahead that it feels like Christmas comes most days a week.

I’ve tons to share soon, but for now, I’m wishing that you, too, know you are a miraculous one. And that you’ll go out into the world and be that, spread your magical you-ness. 

(the covered bridge view we had from the restaurant.)

The photos today are from Thanksgiving- a miracle I was able to take a road trip to New Hampshire, eat a lovely meal out with the boys and relax.

Peace and joy and Merry Merry, Happy Happy,
Deborah Fay 


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