Client Stories

I consider it a high privilege to sit with someone to offer guidance, suggestions and energy based on my own intuitive input, cards we may choose as well as the insight that comes from a client’s spirit guides, ancestors and loved ones in spirit. I’m still amazed after decades of doing these sessions how deep, specific and uncanny they can be.

We can get right to the heart of the matter of what is going on without a lot of front-loading, or explanation on their part. We work as a team to provide clear, practical and useful tools, techniques, and information that a client can use immediately to solve problems, heal difficult issues, move beyond patterns and limitations, elevate their consciousness, and live more freely and truly.

Here are some testimonials from my clients over the years!

“I immediately felt at ease. It was very comfortable, completely not what I had expected. When I came home one of the first things I said to my husband was, ‘Oh my God, why didn’t I do this years ago?’”

“Some of it was answers to questions about what is going on in my life. My kids were going to be leaving home,  I had a very stressful job, I felt like I was losing myself and one of the things that came out of our reading was that I had a strong connection to ancestry, all people who had my back.”

“It gave me a sense of belonging as well as not being alone.”

“Deborah has been an integral part of my healing process since late 2019 and has spent many hours offering her guidance and wisdom as I journey through a difficult diagnosis.”

“The messages and healings that come through are always amazing, and it blows me away at how on point her guidance is.”

“You opened me to new ways of thinking about things that I never had before.”

“I love that you use different decks and they all intertwine with each other.”

“We opened presents on Thanksgiving (since that’s when we’d all be together) and the gals loved their bookmarks!! “


“Taking an online class with Deb is convenient and extremely effective. I found myself looking forward to my weekly sessions with her. I fell back in love with my meditation practice because of her.  Deb always has realistic and doable advice for making easy every day contributions to my self health. She is also an expert medium who always had accurate and nurturing information from my guides.  Deb is truly gifted.“

-Bethany LaBelle

“I love your voice dear Deb and find refreshment in both hearing and reading you. You remind me of what is most important in any moment- my connection with the greater voice, the higher thought, the All of Everything. 

So often in these days of high energy alert, I find my attention flitting from one story, emotion or thought to another, not landing in my heart without real effort. 
More and more I am choosing the pause of intention to help ground me in my being. 
Your invitation, this tribe, is precious. “


“I have known Deborah Fay for 8 years.  I first met her when she gave me an amazing, authentic intuitive reading as I was considering leaving my job and wanted more insight.  I loved her energy from the start – warm, calm, and clearly connected to the higher spirits and guides!  I began attending her wonderful intuitive circles, and began exploring my own intuitive skills further based on what I learned during these events.  She attracts women who are connected and following their paths, and in community we can increase our confidence in our purpose.”