a bit more:

My Credentials include:

The Power of Awareness Meditation Certification: The Awareness Training Institute, UC Berkeley, Ca., Muscular Therapist: Institute of Health Sciences, San Diego, Ca., Reiki Master Teacher, trained and attuned; Rebecca Burcher RMT, Bettina Brown RMT, Joan Ruggiero RMT. Shamanic Practitioner: The Eye of the Eagle Center for Spiritual Light, Leontine Hartzell, Andover, Ma., Soul Collage Facilitator, Seena B. Frost, Watsonville, Ca., Prepare for Surgery Heal Faster, Peggy Huddleston, Lexington, Ma.


Ongoing studies + passions 

Fiber, textile, mixed media and eco-art; Permaculture, organic gardening, regenerative living; Buddhist + Eastern influenced studies; Anything Medieval; pilgrimages to Ireland, England, Scotland, Germany, France, Italy, Scandinavia. 


 A few recent Curiosities:

 Moon and Poisoner’s Gardens. Moss and mushroom foraging. Labyrinths. Stone circles. German Gluwein. Epigenetics. The inner workings of Kitten Mind. The art of Kulning. The practice of keening. Intricacy of Celtic Knots. Illuminated text & illustration. Traditional herbs and flowers to eco-dye and print with.


My current Wild Magic Life:

I live in The Little House with my husband, Dino (aka Steve), son, Niko (aka Mancub), our latest addition, the too adorable for his own good, Elfin (aka kitten) and home gnome, Hamish.

 Here on this wildish seven acre parcel north of Boston, doe and fawn frequent, wren tap hello on the studio window and garter snakes leave silky remnants of outgrown lives on the woodpile.

Our home gnome, Hamish.

Inquiries for enchanted living: