my story

once upon a time……

…I was an ordinary woman in good health and living an ordinary life. I was married to Dino, and had a lovely son, Niko. I was a teacher, an artist and I had a private practice as an intuitive guide and healer for women. Following my North Star, I spent decades helping hundreds of souls feel their way through tricky transitions, holding space for them at the many confusing crossroads of life, acting as witness to their brave becoming. To the revealing of their own powerful story. To them stepping into a freer and more whole version of themselves.

But on one ordinary day and out of the blue (in 2021)….

…my life turned upside down with an unexpected brain tumor diagnosis and then immediate surgery. It became a time of deep soul searching, self-discovery, inner work and letting go…

Facing my mortality…

I became my own medicine…

… As an artist, I grabbed hold of my creative practices like a lifeline. Mindful walking calmed the crashing waves of stormy thoughts. White thread in and out of a linen square stitched me back into the present moment.  Pasting paper scraps, tracing inky circles, painting sacred symbols on a fresh page gave voice to my heart squeezing worries and swirled in with shiny wishes and everyday thoughts. Pine laced breezes, quiet time in nature, reconnected me with the bigger whole of Life. Gathering a bit of springy moss, velvety lichen or fallen leaf to lay on my altar, I remembered my place in the world. 

As a woman, I held tight the helping hands offered. My friends and family. Acquaintances, strangers and anonymous angels, all wove a web of support and encouragement; a garment of interconnection, a shroud of holy community. It takes a village, and underneath true healing lies a wellspring of love.

Knowing that….

 …even while the tumor wasn’t cancerous, it also was too risky to remove completely. It’s complicated. Which means…

…I live a dance of impermanence. I live with the not knowing of all.the.things. I live with a body that sometimes blazes like ten suns. I live with a body that sometimes scraps my big plans for a day under the covers. I live with panic for what might come. I live in the joy of what is right here and now. I live with it all. As dear friend Cinde wrote to me:

You’re leading with the creative flow of all your transition and opening. This…in itself, is such a courageous act…the tumor doesn’t lead the way, it provides the door through which things flow…it is the lifter of the veil that allows a great manifestation. An accepted part of the whole which hasn’t been exiled.

and Rumi, in his poem, the Guest House:

Welcome and entertain them all!

Even if they’re a crowd of sorrows,

who violently sweep your house

empty of its furniture,

still, treat each guest honorably.

He may be clearing you out

for some new delight.”

There is room for all of Life in my life. I also know a treasure of unlimited possibilities is ours for the asking. To trust in a process bigger and more mysterious than I can comprehend. That I can stand in the light of my dreams and feel the universe bathe me in rays of “yes”.

 Letting vulnerability lead…

….I’ve come back home to myself with a life infused with passion and purpose that keeps expanding by the day.  I’m gathering all I’ve learned, lived through and with, to be your guide on your own healing, dreaming, creative wild + magic journey. 

I know how to help you live truly. Not in a one-size-fits-all-formula, or ten easy steps to have it all, but to lead you to the sacred soul places where you will find your own voice, to ask the questions, seek, become.…. more courageous. more bold. more open. more awake. more gentle. kind. self-compassionate. more light. more you. to celebrate and love this messy, imperfectly perfect journey of Life.

I can help you come alive again, to show up for yourself, to know you are worthy of your dreams. I share all the techniques, processes, tools + inspiration that saved, centered, grounded + freed me, and that can do the same for you.

Via my creativity + mixed media classes, on demand self-guided courses, mindfulness, meditation + inspirational videos, you’ll awaken to the unlimited possibilities that are waiting for you.

This is your kindred spirit refuge, a space that cares for you + will encourage you every step of the way.

The world needs your beautiful soul.

This is your time!

me with Niko, Dino and meet Elfin, resident feline and Hamish, our home gnome.