Within the Wild Magic Way you’ll find four paths of powerful personal practices that can bring you harmony, joy and peace even in the midst of difficult times. Let them help you discover new approaches to challenges, to find meaning and inspiration, too.  


We make & mend

Art gives us permission

 I believe that making with our hands calms the mind, soothes worries, grounds us in our body, gives the soul a voice, a sense of inner rhythm and accomplishment, and connects us with something bigger than ourselves.

I believe that art can and does throw us a lifeline when we need it most.


We wake up and Align

I believe that by focusing our minds- whether sitting on a cushion, walking down the hallway, washing dishes, or watching the breath enter and leave our body- we change our minds and re-wire our brains. Our daily lives become more joyful, awake, peaceful and nourishing.

I believe that we can align with the Divine to miracles when we mindfully co-create within the field of unlimited possibilities-on our own and with others holding the same intention.

~Nature Connection~

We belong

We embrace beauty

I believe we remember our place of belonging when we hike in the forest, meander down a garden path, stroll the shoreline. We can develop divine relationships with all living beings, reassuring us we are not alone. Nature restores us to wholeness, happiness, simple well-being.

We embrace the beauty to be found all around us in nature, and we view it as a mirror of our own inner beauty.

~Prayer & Gratitude~

We listen, ask and know

Appreciation invites abundance

I believe prayer is an intimate conversation with a divine force that offers solace, rest, comfort, direction. I believe we enter an ancient field of collective human experience that takes us into another dimension of time and space, where the mundane and mystery of life meet and anything is possible; where synchronicity, signs and omens become the everyday way we interact and are communicated with. 

I believe prayer develops a bone deep faith beyond the seen.

I believe prayer reminds us we are more.

I believe a gratitude practice means we know we have already received. That the doorways of abundance open when we are truly grateful. That we know we have everything already.

a bit more:

My Credentials include:

The Power of Awareness Meditation Certification: The Awareness Training Institute, UC Berkeley, Ca., Muscular Therapist: Institute of Health Sciences, San Diego, Ca., Reiki Master Teacher, trained and attuned; Rebecca Burcher RMT, Bettina Brown RMT, Joan Ruggiero RMT. Shamanic Practitioner: The Eye of the Eagle Center for Spiritual Light, Leontine Hartzell, Andover, Ma., Soul Collage Facilitator, Seena B. Frost, Watsonville, Ca., Prepare for Surgery Heal Faster, Peggy Huddleston, Lexington, Ma.


Ongoing studies + passions 

Fiber, textile, mixed media and eco-art; Permaculture, organic gardening, regenerative living; Eastern influenced studies, culture, food; Anything Medieval; pilgrimages to Ireland, England, Scotland, Germany, France, Italy, Scandinavia, Bosnia…..


My current Wild Magic Life:

I live in The Little House with my husband, Dino (aka Steve), son, Niko (aka Mancub), our latest adorable addition, Elfin (aka kitten) and home gnome, Hamish.

 Here on this wildish seven acre parcel north of Boston, doe and fawn frequent, wren tap hello on the studio window and garter snakes leave silky remnants of outgrown lives on the woodpile, a reminder that we are always growing and becoming.