Month 8: It’s All How You Look At It

 I finally got the blood work that let me know how the naturopathic protocol I’ve undergone since November has been working.  I was nervous, and wishful…..

(a ritual stone made with friends at Cuttyhunk)

When I opend the lab results, of course I was searching for the range of “normal” …and then saw mine- in red- and over the highest in that spectrum. Right away I dove into the doom pit. I had anticipated a much lower reading.

It took two days to settle down and recognize that the numbers were considerably lower than the first test after surgery…moving in the right direction, but not as fast or far as I wanted. And still in a dangerous zone by medical standards.

I marvel at how I automatically took the low road and how much wrangling I had to do to get myself back in a better space mentally. I am making adjustments to be gentler with myself. To practice the practices. To stay open to the possibilities that have yet to be revealed.

And so it goes. The learning, healing and transformataion continue…..

I meet with my naturopth and we’ll decide where to go from here.

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  1. I so understand those feelings Deb, when the heart sinks so deep into disappointment and fear it can feel like we will never be able to climb out… but we do. And yes it teaches us how unkind we can be to ourselves. Another opportunity to practice self compassion and connect us in knowing this is how others have felt in similar situations. Such great news that your numbers are heading in the right direction!! The body can often take more time to heal than we would like it to. (As I am sure you know.) Glad you are seeing a naturopath to support you in this process. Sending lots of love and light. Peace,Hugs and Love. ❤️💕🙏

    1. Your name is Saige for a reason! Yes, to everything you’ve written. Each day, each moment, is a fresh beginning. Today, the cardinal is singing as I write, and I raced outside to see how much more the daffodils have sprouted! The inter-being of life.
      Thank you for your caring message and friendship. I hold them dear.

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