Month 10: Feeling My Way Back

Hello Friends!

This post is my Month 10 anniversary update.

What an auspicious month it’s been. Three highlights include :

~Seeing Eckhart Tolle live in Boston (after being rescheduled several times due to you-know-what, Eckhart finally made it to Boston for the first time.

~Celebrating a new collaboration with Wild Dove in Amesbury, Ma. offering live classes and events beginning in June. RSVP early!

(photo credit, Wild Dove)

What I’m teaching:

Click link  below to register.

*Oracle & Tarot Divination Mapping Workshop. Saturday, June 4th
*Meditate & Rejuvenate: Mindfulness/Reiki/Essential Oils Monthly starts Thursday, June 9th
*Walking Meditation at Maudslay State Park, Newburyport, Ma.June -September, starts Saturday, June 11th 


~I ‘m coming to you.  Here is the list of classes / workshops /  private readings that you can book to host either at your place or with your friends via Zoom!

 Contact for specifics. Grab your space soon!

Private Readings

1. Gather friends for private mini-readings. 25min. each/ Min. 6 guests.

Meditation/ Embodied Awareness

     1. Meditate & Rejuvenate- Mindfulness/Reiki/Essential Oils- 

A nourishing, calming practice to bring one back into harmony; heart, mind, and  body. Restore the nervous system, release anxiety, worry, troubles from the energy field. Relax deeply.

      2. No Mud, No Lotus: Finding Peace, Courage, Joy & Beauty in the Midst of Difficult Times

Discussion, teachings and techniques to face life’s challenges with powerful approaches to keep mind and heart open, find greater meaning and inspiration.  

    Prayer/ Manifestation 


1. Prayer/ Co-Creation Circle

Altar set up to bring photos of those being prayed for (including yourself), or tokens to empower, can bring stones, crystals, shells, visions boards etc. Healing guided meditation, chant and prayers to elevate collective energy, community and power. 

      Intuitive/Shamanic/Natural Witchery/Spiritual Development

1.  Oracle & Tarot Divination Mapping Workshop

Build intuition, confidence and skill / card Reading & manifest with the moon cycles. 

2. Card Reading Development Circle

Students practice with each other and as group to hone intuitive skills and card reading techniques.

3. Natural Witchery Divination

Earth Centered techniques that intimately connect us with the voices, soul and guidance of the natural world. Learn to do Stick & Stone readings, read omens and sign scry with the elements. Connect with a power animal, plant ally  and spirit guide. One time with option of ongoing practice circle to deepen skills, relationships and friendships both human and non-human.  

               Sacred Healing Options

  1. The Healing Power of Personal Ritual

    Create your own personal ritual by putting together an altar, prayers, and or chant, and specific intentions to empower and direct your energies towards a preferred outcome you wish to manifest.
  2. Divine Feminine Circle of Power

    A sacred space to support the journey of life. Part meditation, part silent witnessing and story sharing, part intuitive development and message giving & receiving; a unique and deep experience of the divine feminine. 
  3. Honoring Your Healing Journey

    For those actively engaged in a healing journey with mental, emotional or physical challenges. Meditation, discussion, sharing, sacred listening, encouragement without “fixing”. 
  4. Close to the Bone: Life Threatening Illness as Soul Journey 

             A book study with the above text  by  Jean Shinoda Bolen, MD.

       Slow Stitch Options

  1.  Slow Stitch Circle

    Learn to slow stitch as a mindful, centering, creative activity. 
  2. Prayer Flags

     Create a prayer flag!
  3. Slow Stitch Journal

    A journal that chronicles a student’s year in stitches and at beginning of following year can be hung as a decorative piece. 
  4. Journal Jeans

    Take an existing pair of jeans and stitch and marker a story, theme, poem etc. 
  5. Slow Stitch Altar Cloth

    Slow stitch a unique altar cloth to decorate altar or sacred space. Dedication ceremony to finish. 

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