Month 7: My Holy Trinity + Mantra Sampler

“The best way to predict your future is to create it not from the known, but from the unknown. When you get uncomfortable in the place of the unknown – that’s where the magic happens.”

– Dr. Joe Dispenza

Month 7 has been a major turning point. This great leap into the unknown Dr. Joe mentions came with the launching of the new website. Another round of baring my heart and throwing the door open to my soul home. Anxious on how it would be received, if I overshared, if I sounded the fool, too much this, not enough that… if if if…. This living in the unknown and the letting go of who I used to (think) I was and becoming a new version of “myself” is a continuous practice. Defining in writing this person took some doing and describing her took more than a few drafts to accomplish.

There is no getting away from the spiral nature of our growth….and the bumping up against the old tapes as we peel down those outgrown skins. So, when the voices of yesterday come haunting, the ones that criticize, hiss to undermine how far I’ve come, want to minimize where I will go…that’s when I pull out some thread and confront them.

I’m stitching up a *mantra sampler* with grounding and meaningful words to steady my thought patterns and shift them. Not only does the act of the stitching itself do this, but repeating the mantra of the words I’ve chosen: My Holy Trinity- Trust (my process), Faith (in my purpose) Love (my journey), add in their special sauce because of the meaning they have for me. And the act of repeating them raises energy in the mind and body connecting me to a greater whole and sense of wholeness.

(A fascinating experience, read here This Is Your Brain on Crafts, for more.)

(Inspiration from Mystical Stitches : Embroidery for Personal Empowerment
& Magical Embellishment, Christi Johnson.
In the Shoppe.)

There is nowhere we need to run to or be, other than right here in the present moment. And we experience ourselves at home, no longer looking for some refuge outside of us, in some other place or time, when we touch the truth that all that we long for and search after is here inside of us.

-Kaira Jewel Lingo

Adjustments have had to be made as I commit fully to this new vocation. Arranging my schedule and time to do things like keep the cupboards stocked (we now have groceries delivered, freeing me up from that dreaded task) and I even menu plan-ish so I have an idea of what we’ll eat most nights ahead of time. I invested in an InstaPot- it is worth its weight in gold. Still early days with all this, which is to stay an output of extra time and energy go into making these new systems hum.

I’m drinking-from-the-fire hose learning from an excellent business mentor and am finding my yes and no with the suggestions.

Trust. Faith. Love.

Being real, human, perfectly imperfect. For you and with you.

Let that be my “tag line”.

To life, friends!

Deborah Fay

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