Cliff Notes: Transmute A Trigger

Cliff Notes:Transmuting A Trigger
   A Cliff Notes wave:

This dark moon hasn’t disappointed. My biggest life trigger is up and didn’t I have just the perfect storm of an opportunity to look at my rapid knee jerk reaction to it? And to go into ritual mode, to dive into the muck and do something about it.

Off to Rolling Ridge Retreat Center -not a scant mile from my home, yes, super fortunate. The labyrinth called. Journal in hand off I went.

But a path I’d not seen before (though it was there all along, of course) wanted my attention.


A garter snake (grand goddess and symbol of transformation) warming in the late afternoon sun, there to greet me by the lake’s edge.

(Cairns?! I’ve been coming to this sanctuary forever and never once seen them. The metaphor of balance was not lost on me.)

(Feathers everywhere this summer….lighten up, woman?? Take flight, and a higher vision?….feathers bring me reassurance and comfort most of all.)

(I finally meandered to the labyrinth, talked to the trees and stones, journaled, sat still and breathed in all the deep quiet, soft breezes, baking sun, and came back home to my truth. I left refreshed and centered.  We suffer…until we no longer need to suffer.)

To life!
Deborah Fay

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