4 Months Today: Something to Take With You

4 Months Today:
Something Simple To Take With You

   Hello Friends!

That today marks the fourth month on my healing journey is poignant, it being the American’s day of giving thanks and celebrating what bounty we have. I debated about whether to wait for another day to post, what with all the overkill on this topic up today, but I felt like being with you, for those who hit “Open” this morning, know you are in my heart.

Something Simple To Take With You:

May we be in the gift of awareness today. May we feel blessed when we open our eyes this morning, see the sun shimmer on frosted blades of grass. May we find a moment of full deep nourishing breath. May we forget what we think we should be doing, experiencing, feeling and find joy in the precious present. And may we know in doing that we have enough, are enough. It is enough, abundantly enough.

The deepest bow to you,
Deborah Fay 


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