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After months in the works, I’m thrilled to welcome you to the new website, The Wild Magic Way, and to my re-imagined blog, The Deeper Well. Today marks a fresh start and feel with offerings that come from a passion to be your guide and space holder for the unfolding of your healing journey and transformation story.

The Deeper Well invites you to come in and breathe, relax, rest. To open your heart up; let it speak its whispers and explore your self through the Four Paths of Personal Practice and with plenty of inspired content I’m assembling to bring you joy, magic. I am your reminder that you were made for these times, your future self has everything it needs right now within already-to live a life that rewards you and is you.

(Loving my perfectly imperfect self & life is a key to my happiness. A comforting companion, this book travels with me on my daily rounds – I’ll just let it fall open to a passage when I need a gentle reminder to rest easy in myself, breathe and let go. Your copy is available in the Shoppe).

Getting to be with souls like you to grow, discover, and share is a dream I have the privilege of living every day. I believe we are all offered possibilities in life. Jean Shinoda Bolen, one of my greatest mentors, calls them “contracts”. They may take us down unexpected roads, we may not get what we thought we would. But if we hold fast, stay open, especially to the miracles disguised as challenges, eventually we may find where we end up makes us hum inside and we get that aha- I am meant for this! after all. Usually a more wonderful, freer, version of a former life emerges.

Sharing all I’ve learned from years of training, education and professional experience and most recently a life changing illness means we have some fertile, rich and empowering resources to pull from. Together we have new stories to create, new friendships to begin, new talents to discover, new truths to light us up and shine out.

I am so, so honored you’re here.

(Another uplifting and soul filling story from a UK author who through her struggles with depression finds her way with walks in nature, drawing and photography. As one who has known that “black dog”, I couldn’t agree with her more about the power of taking action with creative expression and in the solace of nature. Find your copy here.)

Now, I’ve two gifts to celebrate your visit!

To help you get started on this sacred adventure, I’ve designed a Creativity Project that anyone can make and Guided Gratitude Practice Meditation for you!

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Happy Hour on the first Thursday of the month, 5pm ET on The Wild Magic Way Page Facebook Live – How fun is this, right?? Let’s get our HAPPY on, celebrate our “wins”, drink in the high vibes. We’ll do a mini-gratitude, gatha practice or ceremony- plus you get first looks at studio happenings, and what’s featured in the Shoppe for the weekend- and I’m sure there will beeee surprises, you know how I am. This might be one of the times I’m most looking forward to! See you there beginning Thursday March 3rd!


~The first Creative Mini-Make: Four Words: Your Turn, Celebrating You! A tapas sized creative project for all, whether you’re an I’ve-never-made-a thing to experienced creatives. This one is inspired by a class assignment I had. The next thing I knew I got inspired to make art around the theme and then even more inspired to create a mini-make for you. Hugely satisfying to self-gift and /or make for a special occasion for someone you care about.

~Plus-Keep a watch out for an announcement about a shining new mini online retreat:

Oh, Beautiful Exile: Journey To Your Place of True Belonging
in time for the season of your personal resurrection. Coming  Saturday, April 9th, 10am -1pm.

You are my why; so know I’m constantly tuning in on your behalf discovering the resources -what books, tools and courses, events- that will get you, my beloved tribe of transformationists, where you want to go next!

To life, friends!

Deborah Fay

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