The Wild Remedy: How Nature Mends Us-A Diary by Emma Mitchell


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Emma Mitchell has suffered with depression- or as she calls it, “the grey slug” for twenty five years. In 2003, she moved from the city to the edge of the Cambridgeshire Fens and began to take walks in the countryside around her home, photographing, collecting and drawing as she went. Each walk lifted her mood, proving to be as medicinal as any talking therapy or pharmaceutical.

In Emma’s hand-illustrated diary, she takes us with her as she follows the paths and trails around her home and further afield, sharing her nature finds and tracking the lives of local flora and fauna over the course of a year. Reflecting on how these encounters impact her mood, Emma’s unfailingly honest and affecting account of her own struggles with mental health is a powerful testament to how reconnecting with nature may offer us all some answers. While charting her own seasonal highs and, sometimes devastating lows, she also looks to the science behind these changes, calling on new research into the ways in which our bodies and minds respond to plants and wildlife when we venture outdoors.

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