Welcome to The Wild Magic Way

What is The Wild Magic Way?

The Wild Magic Way is a creative path back to your truth, purpose and wholeness. A way that is uniquely your own, revealed and defined from the inside; beyond outside conditioning from culture, society, family, ancestry, or other impactful relationships (including the “global moment”). The Wild Magic Way recognizes that as human beings we’ve all had hurts or internalized wounds or traumas (especially recently) that rob us of energy, joy, freedom. We all wrangle with negative thought loops and self-beliefs that can imprison us in our own minds and keep us stuck, afraid of being seen, heard and wondering if we’ll ever be enough. We fret about the past, forget the moment we’re in, worry about tomorrow. We wrestle with doubts that blind us to our true self and bind us to small versions of who we are.

Crafting Your Wild Magic Life

But through walking The Wild Magic Way you can reclaim your greatest potential to craft a new life of your own making. We focus on the journey of radical self-compassion and kindness, of reconnecting with creativity, purpose and wholeness through developing transformational personal practices.  In this way, you discover and learn to be with, express and love the whole of you. Trust, courage, vulnerability, curiosity, connection, joy, freedom, love.

Tending Your Soul, Mending Your Life; Reconnect with Your Creativity, Purpose and Wholeness

“Why did she make things? Well, she enjoyed it of course, but it also somehow made her remember who she was and where she came from.”

-Amy Rubin Flett

Private and Small Group Explorations / Transformations with energy healing, eco + mixed media art, slow crafting, time in nature and mindfulness meditation.

In my own journey I have learned to tend my soul and heal soul wounds that have held me back from living truly, wholly, holy and fully by incorporating spirituality, art and craft, gardening, time in nature and mindfulness meditation as my core life practices. They are what I turn to time and again to release, reclaim, renew, re-center and reconnect.

Are You Ready?

Now, I offer my original and unique processes to guide you on your journey of radical self-compassion and kindness, of reconnecting with your creativity, purpose and wholeness. Through the same methods, techniques and processes I have used successfully, you will have the opportunity to descend into the mysteries of your soul, reunite with your innate wisdom and inner guidance system to emerge with greater understanding, self-love, clarity and well-being.

You take away:

energetic re-balancing

deep relaxation


clarity to challenging issues

personal inight

creative expression

mindful awareness



Private Retreat Exploration: In person or Zoom

I work one on one with you to curate a session that tends your soul. It can blend energy work, intuitive feedback, time in nature and an eco + mixed media art or slow craft activity.

Small Group Retreat Explorations: In Person, Zoom.

Small Groups provide safe circles for women to journey on the path radical self-compassion and kindness, to reconnect with their creativity, purpose and wholeness through developing transformational personal practices. Deep relaxation, unplugging from “real” time and opening to soul time, we sink into self-discovery, play, joy, curiosity as we explore our inner mysteries. Groups include: Mindfulness guided meditations, movement, wholesome homemade refreshments and cake break, take home eco + mixed media art and or slow craft making, ritual, reflection, and sharing.

Contact me to book a group retreat with your friends, or to learn about the next upcoming retreat.

 Get Back to Yourself Now.

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