Hedgewitch Botanical Oracle Deck


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Hedgewitch Botanical Oracle by Siolo Thompson. “Let the spirits of the plants be your allies and friends. This gracefully illustrated deck will support you with insights gleaned from traditional herb lore, providing guidance and perspective from the thin places between one world and another. Designed to awaken your natural intuition…)” A unique feature includes Tarot correspondences to a number of cards.

40 cards and manual. Beautifully boxed with magnetic closure.

This is one of my 2022 decks to practice Divination Mapping for the year. I use it to pull cards for each moon cycle along with Moonlogy Oracle Cards and Kim Krans Wild Unknown Tarot. I pick a card from each deck for each month of the year. In this way, I have a trio of voices, symbols, archetypal influences, color, texture and expanded meaning to inform the upcoming events of my next moon cycle. I can choose with awareness what to energize if a card suggests a happening or occurrence I want to experience and what to neutralize or shift if it is one I don’t. High recommended practice!

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