The Hummingbird’s Gift: Wonder, Beauty and Renewal on Wings by Sy Montgomery


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Hummingbirds have been coming to me recently and when I found this book I knew I wanted to add it to the shoppe. Called “Resurrection birds” by the Aztecs because something so spectacular must be made new each day they thought. They are capable of amazing feats: flying backwards, hovering in mid-air, diving at speeds over 60 miles/hour, and wings that beat over 60 times/second. They make the most arduous migration of any bird of their size- a trek from Mexico to Alaska!

And perhaps they are messengers that remind us of the power innate us when we might feel small, fragile and vulnerable. Innate within is the power to rise above the odds and fulfill our greatness. The hummingbird can remind us that life is beautiful, fleeting and to be lived courageously and with a heart that is resilient and true to itself.

Sy Montgomery is a gifted storyteller and naturalist. But there’s so much more she tells us about herself on her website.

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