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One of the most appreciated gifts I offer is a private
session/reading. I get so many thank you’s and notes about how much a session means from clients afterward. I love being able to play a part in expanding someone’s perspective or providing suggestions on how they can live as fully and magically as they would wish. It’s such an honor!

This is why I’m offering an Introductory session for clients new to or who haven’t been in awhile for a session. This 30 min. session can introduce one to her spiritual guides and angels, to help get insight on a current life situation, and relay messages that are meant for someone who is new to their spiritual path or who wants to go more deeply than before.

Here’s what one family new to this type of work had to say:

“Meeting with Deb was so special for our family, while connecting with loved ones who had passed on, specifically trying to reach out to my uncle who we lost last year. The year has been really challenging especially for my mother so I had reached out and coordinated with Deb and was so beyond thrilled, pleased and extremely grateful for the whole experience. This was also our first time doing anything like this and none of us knew what to expect, but Deb made it super comfortable and explained everything to us, exceeded all our expectations. So much Gratitude for Deb and this amazing experience that we will cherish.”

I take extra care to make my clients feel comfortable and to get as much as possible from their session. They’ll leave with uplifting messages, replenished from an infusion of high energy vibrations¬†and connected to wisdom and guidance that is clear and accurate, and can be put into use right away. And as mentioned above, it is also possible to focus on mediumship. And additional increments of $15/40.

This introductory session is a new offering that will be ongoing.


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