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The White Maiden

Hello Friends!

Here is a compelling excerpt from Walking with the Sin Eater: A Celtic Pilgrimage on the Dragon Path the book from my last post. In this passage Ross spends the night in a hollow tree trunk in Glastonbury, England and in an altered state meets The White Maiden. She is an oracle that recites the following message still so true today, even over 10 years after publication date:

“The moon has had its fill of sin on Earth.
The nature of man has changed
And become unpalatable to the sin-eater moon.
Once it was small and heartfelt concerns
That if fed upon:
Sorrows and regrets,
Passions and yearnings,
Acts which were still of love
Though misguided or wrong.
Now it is the loveless crimes
Of the wicked few who are so lost and hungry for power
That they will consume the world.
They have poisoned their homes and their souls
And made themselves tasteless to the spirits.
Without the moon to guide you
The tides of man’s fortunes will change
And the world will shiver in chaos,
The polluted souls of your leaders
Will express themselves
As the pollution of the earth.
The tides will rise and engulf them;
The flood will come,
And the sun will shine more brightly on the earth.
Then, through God’s illumination,
Those who have sinned will be transformed
From matter to spirit.
Those without true hearts,
Who have forgotten their purpose and origin
And fallen amongst illusion
Will be transformed,
Ravaged by waves and plague.
It will be an end and a beginning.
For Albion and Eden will rise again
from this great cleansing,
And Earth will become a paradise once more
For the righteous few
Who remain 
To love.”

Then: “The oracle is a channel for the earth.” 
Something to ponder…..

To our wild magic lives,

Deborah Fay

See you soon for another Rambling….”

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