Sacred Craft

Gifts for the Heart

Happy Whole Heart Sacred Mist

When she sprays the mist, she invokes a force that means her well.

New! Keepsake Greeting Cards

The first ever offering for Keepsake Greeting Cards!

Happy Whole Heart Sacred Mist + Keepsake Greeting Card Set

A set containing both a bottle of Happy Whole Heart Sacred Mist + a set of Keepsake Greeting Cards

HOPE 2021 Aromatherapy Sacred Mist

On the first day of her new year she gazes to the east at day’s first light.

Part the Veil

This most beloved by customers Sacred Mist captures the magic and mystery of the spirit.

HOPE 2021 Mist Restock Subscription Program

You can also purchase a gift subscription and save, too. Birthdays, Soul-sister just because’s, Get well’s, Be-well’s, You Got This’s,  Thinking of You’s…….

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