HOPE 2021 Aromatherapy Sacred Mist

HOPE 2021 Aromatherapy Sacred Mist

Each mist evokes a moment:

On the first day of her new year she gazes to the east at day’s first light. The freshly fallen snow leaves the air crisp, fresh and clean. The earth is white and sparkles with promise, a palette that waits to be colored with dreams and hopes made real.

HOPE 2021, is a blend of copaiba, bergamot and ylang ylang, a trifecta of nerve menders, uplifters and sensual notes to keep us happy and grounded in our bodies! Reiki attuned and rich with blessings of the spirit.

HOPE 2021 Aromatherapy Sacred Mist

Includes shipping anywhere in US. Email for international shipping costs. Pick up also available at the Little House.


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