Part the Veil

Her time comes when the day sighs it’s last magenta breath surrendering to indigo blue and raven black; harbingers of the hidden world that emerges with owl cry and crescent moon. Crackling and hissing fire banishes the chill to shadowy corners and she snuggles down into the cushions safe, warm and soothed. Glowing flames lull her into a daydream or maybe not a daydream at all, but a glimpse into a world more real than her own. A world that grants wishes for some, visions for others, visits with loved ones long gone from the earth, or a peaceful respite from the worries that tug at the strings of her soul. An Invitation to mystery and magic awaits if only we part the veil…….

This most beloved by customers Sacred Mist captures the magic and mystery of the spirit. Both protective and enhances psychic attunement. Made with high quality essential oils: lemongrass, patchouli, lavender set with distilled water and alcohol. Reiki attuned and rich with blessings of the spirit. $25

Part the Veil Sacred Mist Spray

$25 each includes shipping in US . Email for costs otherwise.