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Hello Friends!

The Exact Way-

This from A Story Every Day email delivered today from Flying Edna (highly recommended!) 

“the exact way…

Both Fia & I are intrigued by way-finding. Which is all the ways that we, as humans, have mapped the places we live & how we navigate both from the known, to the unknown places…

Lately, it seems we find ourselves in a new world where all the signposts & well-traveled routes have been uprooted, or turned about. Not unknown, really, so much as unpinned. A place that requires us to carefully pay attention to each step as we discover the landscape all over again. To pay attention, with every sense alive, as we discover what gives us shelter & comfort & always, those moments we discover wild & unexpected beauty…

There are no real rules to this way-finding. It’s meticulous process of feel &  touch & listening to the quiet voice in our own hearts. It’s how it’s been for each one of us from the very dawn of things, trusting our own hearts & minds to find our way through the wild unknown until it becomes our home….

with love, kai”

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To our wild magic lives,

Deborah Fay

See you soon for another Rambling….”

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