Ramblings of a Wild Magician: Deer, Bee + Morning Star

(Sit spot (c) 2021)
Ramblings Of A Wild Magician: Deer, Bee & Morning Star Part I
   Hello Friends!

“Who is she that shines through like the morning star,
beautiful as the moon,
radiant as the sun
awe-inspiring as a cascade of starlight?”

-Janet Ruldolf

To have what I want- in this case private time in nature- meant heading out earlier than the rest. I am determined to get to the pond and find somewhere to sit and drum and write. It’s high time I beat the discord out with the drum beat. When I am full of summer’s creative fire, I tend to let the Task Master rule the roost. She is intense and relentless. So much to do, so little time, she says.  While she is a big thinker and doer, which when managed well is a huge boon- she’s also a big doubter, too. That doubt creates distance.

Nothing new. The human mind does what it does. It plays the reruns as long as we let it. But sinking down beneath thought I find longing. One we all share. To understand myself as one with the ALL. I mean understand in a way like the mystic in me yearns for. To know. To live from that knowingness, and not just some of the time. This is what we are capable in this lifetime. We are, especially if you are reading this, dialed into this and meant to develop this capacity. We’re living in this age precisely for the precious opportunity to do so. 

How like us then, when we overcome challenge after challenge, meet goals, achieve beyond our expectations, to slip back into forgetfulness when the next leap of faith emerges??

(A path of beauty reveals itself- roots, moss and wild (c) 2021)

So, I found a spot that was inviting, tucked off the beaten trail and unpacked my bag. Out  came my drum and journal. Of course, I anticipate magic. I prayed as I hiked to this place and asked to feel the connection strongly.

Leaning up against a delightfully mossy birch at the edge of the pond, I settled in and began to breathe, to expand my awareness, to quiet my mind and to merge with my surroundings. When I felt ready, I picked up my drum and began to play. Not a tune, but just what wanted to come through. A few moments later, a bullfrog started to croak with the drum beat, and a few moments after that another frog popped to the surface at my feet. He sat so still, eyes straight ahead, not looking at me, but aware of me. Frog magic, what a wonderful, wonderful healing they bring: they who clear and cleanse, they with the power of sure voice, vibrating sound, they who live between worlds of earth and water.  Steven Farmer writes in Animal Spirit Guides, “If Frog shows up it means: singing and chanting out loud will help you feel more balanced, at peace, and connected to the divine.”  I sang my soul song and beat the drum.

My Soul Song

My senses were heightened and I felt another presence behind me.  As I tuned in more closely, I recognized it as a Sioux woman with braids and penetrating black eyes. I learned her name was Morning Star. I was allowed to see her as it was time to receive her teachings. First she said, “Stay Awake!” Ha. Yes, that is entirely the point. But in this altered state I was completely awake, aware, at home, and felt my place in the web of life. Such joy and well-being. 

She delivered what I have come to consider “downloads”, telepathic teachings, immediate understandings. She taught about how this experience is our natural state, and that we have the ability to shift levels of awareness easily- as easy as changing lanes on a freeway. It needn’t be a big deal. She gave me a visceral body feeling of this to help my nervous system imprint it. Also, nature is a high vibe dimension, and in it we can and do attune to it’s state of oneness and remember what belonging is. While I communed with her, two chipmunks motored over to pause at my toes. They sniffed here and there as they do, but weren’t in the least concerned with me. It was as if I were part of the tree and they had no fear or instinct to bolt. Eventually, they scooted off single file into the woodland and out of sight. A first!

(Feeling at One (c) 2021.)

The witching hour was fading. Hikers’ conversations drifted through the air. Dogs rustled about the upper trail, rooting through leaves searching for traces of other canines. I climbed to my feet and packed my bag. In my peripheral vision I noticed a spirit herd of deer and a swarm of bees. Accompanied by them, Morning Star and I walked together along the water’s edge. 

End of Part I.

Stay tuned for what’s next,
Deborah Fay

 P.S. If you would like to come on your own Wild Magic Way walk to commune with Spirit,  message me here. 

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