• Cliff Notes: Weir’s Beach
    Cliff Notes: Weir’s Beach    A Cliff Notes wave: The psychic fair I did readings at recently was an absolute fine time. It was small but very well attended and a cloak of magic spread over the day. My clients, sister readers and vendors were all just delightful. I’d never been to this part of … Read more
  • Cliff Notes: First Harvest
    Cliff Notes: First Harvest    A Cliff Notes wave: Many creative projects in various forms of completion coming down the pipeline. First- this wee Comfort Cowl. I made one for a friend and decided I must have one, too. Here she is ready for those cooler (someday!) seasons. What have you got cooking in your … Read more
  • Cliff Notes: Transmute A Trigger
    Cliff Notes:Transmuting A Trigger    A Cliff Notes wave: This dark moon hasn’t disappointed. My biggest life trigger is up and didn’t I have just the perfect storm of an opportunity to look at my rapid knee jerk reaction to it? And to go into ritual mode, to dive into the muck and do something … Read more
  • Cliff Notes: A Jaunt to Witch City
    Cliff Notes: A Jaunt to Witch City    A Cliff Notes wave: Oh, let’s blame it on the steamy weather- that I trundled to Salem for a Tarot event….on the wrong evening….sigh.  And I was so exhausted with the heat the following night after hanging outside at the playground with my grand niece and sis-in-law … Read more
  • Cliff Notes: An Eve on a Gundalow
    Cliff Notes: An Eve on a Gundalow    A Cliff Notes wave: Mancub and I indulged our sea loving souls with a sail around Portsmouth Harbor (NH) on a gundalow, complete with a live sea shanty, Celtic and American folk tune concert. We even got to help hoist the mainsail. 🙂 “Heave!” Here is a glimpse: … Read more
  • Cliff Notes: A Poem That Touched Me
    A Cliff Notes wave: A journal page I’m working on as part of a super fun online class I’m taking and a poem Roxanne shared that I ‘m forwarding on to you: Let it Go  Let the sky take itLet the water carry itLet the earth hold itBecause you don’t have to anymore Victoria Erickson To life!Deborah … Read more
  • Month 12: #2 Final Update
    Hello Friends! To mark the 1 year anniversary of the brain surgery journey- below is something of a word and visual collage. it’s not feeling like a long essay kind of experience.  As you know, today will be the final update on the progress. A year is that measurable amount of time we seem to … Read more
  • Month 9: The Gift of a Benefactor
    This post is my Month 9 anniversary update. I’d like to share an informal writing I did on Friday as part of a spiritual autobiography writing group I’m part of through my sangha. Our prompt was to write about a benefactor who has made a difference in our lives. I invite you to think about … Read more
  • Month 8: It’s All How You Look At It
     I finally got the blood work that let me know how the naturopathic protocol I’ve undergone since November has been working.  I was nervous, and wishful….. When I opend the lab results, of course I was searching for the range of “normal” …and then saw mine- in red- and over the highest in that spectrum. … Read more
  • 1000 Hearts with Ukraine/A 30 Day Fundraiser
    The founder of Outward Bound USA, Josh Miner said, “If you are lucky, just once in your life you will be associated with a great idea.” If I have one great idea, it is that connecting people might save the world.” – from Writing to Change the World, Mary Pipher I’m thinking this great idea’s time … Read more