• Month 9: The Gift of a Benefactor
    This post is my Month 9 anniversary update. I’d like to share an informal writing I did on Friday as part of a spiritual autobiography writing group I’m part of through my sangha. Our prompt was to write about a benefactor who has made a difference in our lives. I invite you to think about […]
  • Month 8: It’s All How You Look At It
     I finally got the blood work that let me know how the naturopathic protocol I’ve undergone since November has been working.  I was nervous, and wishful….. When I opend the lab results, of course I was searching for the range of “normal” …and then saw mine- in red- and over the highest in that spectrum. […]
  • 1000 Hearts with Ukraine/A 30 Day Fundraiser
    The founder of Outward Bound USA, Josh Miner said, “If you are lucky, just once in your life you will be associated with a great idea.” If I have one great idea, it is that connecting people might save the world.” – from Writing to Change the World, Mary Pipher I’m thinking this great idea’s time […]
  • Month 7: My Holy Trinity + Mantra Sampler
    “The best way to predict your future is to create it not from the known, but from the unknown. When you get uncomfortable in the place of the unknown – that’s where the magic happens.” – Dr. Joe Dispenza Month 7 has been a major turning point. This great leap into the unknown Dr. Joe […]
  • Welcome to the Deeper Well
    TODAY ONLY- ONE DAY SALE IN THE SHOPPE! USE COUPON CODE: YAY2022 TO CLAIM YOUR SAVINGS. After months in the works, I’m thrilled to welcome you to the new website, The Wild Magic Way, and to my re-imagined blog, The Deeper Well. Today marks a fresh start and feel with offerings that come from a […]
  • Month 6: The Long View/Investing in the Future
     Month 6: The Long View/Investing in the Future     Hello Friends!  Twice in as many days this poem has come to me. Synchronicity. Paying attention to its message: (Steven Coolidge Estate, N. Andover, Ma. (c) 2021)  What to Remember When Waking by David Whyte In that first hardly noticed moment in which you wake,coming back to […]
  • 5 Months on Christmas: On Being the Miraculous
       5 Months on Christmas: Being the Miraculous     Hello Friends! We tend to think of this season as one of miracles. Whether as with Hanukkah and the miracle of enough oil to last a whole 8 days, the birth of a Son of God in the humblest of settings, or that of the returning Sun […]
  • 4 Months Today: Something to Take With You
    4 Months Today:Something Simple To Take With You      Hello Friends! That today marks the fourth month on my healing journey is poignant, it being the American’s day of giving thanks and celebrating what bounty we have. I debated about whether to wait for another day to post, what with all the overkill on […]
  • Letting Go of the Person I Used To Be:
    3 Months in + A Wabi Sabi Future Letting Go of the Person I Used to Be:3 Months in + A Wabi Sabi Future     Hello Friends, “We hate the idea of loss because we know what loss represents:Loss=pain. Loss=suffering. Loss=unhappiness. We cry because of our losses; we despair and become depressed because of our losses; we lose […]
  • One Month Reflection: And The Why and What of an Illness
    Hello Friends, Wow, Deb – an adventure, a pause, a blessing- we are so glad with the outcome.-Kim, a friend’s Facebook message An Adventure I’ve been a why kid from the start.  Relentless in the quest to understand the world around me (and then later as I matured, the one within) I have an appetite […]